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Adult Swim Diapers

Adult swim diapers for use in the pool.

We have received lots of requests to manufacture an adult swim diaper for our distributors. While we manufacture many items for the adult incontinence market, adult swim diapers are not an item we currently manufacture. In researching this market, we have seen some very interesting adult swim diapers. Their features vary, but mostly we see how difficult it is to source them because many manufacturers of adult swim diapers have gone out of business.

As we research this special needs market, we think our GaryWear Active Brief is a great option to wear over a pull-on diaper in the swimming pool. Our Active Brief is typically worn over disposable diapers for added protection day or night, but it can just as easily be worn for a work-out or therapy session in the pool.

Our Active Brief is a slim-fitting pull-on pant that is completely waterproof, but breathable. It is made from PUL or Polyester fabric with a laminate coating barrier that allows no moisture to escape. Its slim fit allows it to easily fit over a disposable diaper yet appropriately layer below a bathing suit or trunks. Another great feature for the pool is that it air-dries fast! And lastly, it’s fit around the legs is tight which means it is a secure choice for a swimming pool.

You may purchase our GaryWear Active Brief for use as an adult swim diaper from the following distributors:
Adult Cloth Diaper

To find the right fit for you, consult our size chart, and then get in touch with one of the above distributors. They can best answer questions, and provide you with the right solution for your needs.

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