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Fabric incontinence underwear is finally available in different colors!

At GaryWear, we know it might not be your first choice to buy incontinence underwear.  But we want to give you some choices in this matter, so we have provided a fabric color palette ranging from blush to latte.

Of course we offer the standard black and white, but we have six fabric color options for you, including gray and navy.  Our incontinence briefs are slim and non-bulky and look like standard underwear, even as they work to keep you dry.

Select from six colors in our fabric incontinence underwear.

We sent some samples of our fabric incontinence underwear out for consumer testing last year as we worked on developing our line of Active Briefs. Here is a quote from one of the testers of our fabric incontinence underwear:

“This last sample was so good I couldn’t believe it. They made some major changes and even sent mine in a dark blue color which was really great. Wearing it over my diapers I have gotten much more sleep and less concern about leaks when I am out/work all day.”

His comment was online at  They offer a Urinary Incontinence Support Group, and are, “a community of patients, family members, and friends dedicated to dealing with Urinary Incontinence, together.”

What do you think about the color selection of our GaryWear fabric incontinence underwear?

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