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Gary’s Guide: Three Tips to Managing Incontinence During Your Holiday Travels

Tips for traveling with incontinence

Tips for traveling with incontinence

The holiday travel woes—you can count on it like clockwork.  Every year at this time massive media coverage overtakes our airwaves counting delayed flights due to devastating storms and sad stories of families sleeping in airports. The reports can make the healthiest globetrotter give second thought to air travel during the holiday season. Can you imagine the additional worries of traveling while dealing with incontinence?

If you can, you’re not alone. An estimated 13 million adults suffer from some form of incontinence, and we bet a good amount of those adults will be traveling this holiday season to spend time with their loved ones, eat a first (and second) turkey dinner and maybe watch some football.

To navigate longer security lines and outlast flight delays, we offer these three travel tips to our customers who have incontinence to give you comfort and control of your travels.

  • Beat the Body Scanners

Skip the massive diaper. Men and women tell us that the sensitive airport body scanners will notice heavy diapers, which often results in the traveler getting escorted to a secondary search. It’s humiliating to have to explain this to your travel buddy, let alone a complete stranger in the pat down area. Don’t get noticed by taking your trip through security in a pair of our underwear with an absorbent guard, pantiliner, or pad. This is much more discreet, and just enough to protect you through the security line. Once you successfully proceed through security, then find the nearest bathroom to prepare for the flight by changing back into your normal diaper underneath our GaryWear Active Briefs.

  • Prep for the long haul

Possibly the longest part of your journey, the actual airplane portion has a lot of unknowns. You could be stuck at the gate for delayed flights or maybe in the plane on the tarmac waiting for takeoff. No one wants to gamble with light or faulty products that may not handle a full bladder release or protect against leaking solids. That’s why we recommend wearing a diaper made for heavy incontinence with our pants. Men and women can get extra security with their disposable diaper by layering a GaryWear Active Brief over it. Our customers tell us that the leak-resistant fabric and strong elastic bands have given them the protection they need to outlast long flights and unexpected travel delays.

  • Carry Extra Protection

The worst possible scenario is that you beat the body scanners, outlast the long flight and arrive to find that your luggage didn’t make the connection. But don’t worry—we already thought about that for you. Carry a discreet travel bag complete with an extra diaper and a GaryWear Active Brief that you can rely on until you track down your luggage or make it to the nearest store to get supplies. The best benefit of the Gary travel bag is that you can pack your soiled diaper in it until you can find proper receptacles for disposal.

Are you a holiday travel titan who also suffers from incontinence? Please share with our readers your tips to help them tackle the holiday travel.

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