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Giving Thanks for an Active Life with Incontinence

Giving Thanks for an Active Life with Incontinence

Giving Thanks for an Active Life with Incontinence

We’re seeing this trend hit Facebook  where our friends count down things they are thankful for this November. Things like, “I’m thankful for the air we breathe” and “I’m thankful for my job.” We like this idea of focusing on the happy and the positive.  Though we hear from our customers on a regular basis, and we know that life throws challenging curve balls that make it hard to appreciate what we have. In honor of our customers who battle incontinence—men and women, older and younger—we share these reasons that we give thanks this holiday season.

At GaryWear, we’re thankful for products, like incontinence pants for men and women—that make life easier.  We’ve ordered every incontinence product on the market to review their strength, longevity, durability and comfort. We know that many companies market ineffective products that offer little protection to individuals who need peace of mind to live their lives. But we’ve also seen the quality diapers and incontinence pants that our customers can depend on to capture full bladder releases and to protect its wearer throughout the night. We give thanks that research and development has led to these superior products that promise and deliver security.

We also give thanks to our users who spend countless hours testing and reviewing our incontinence pants. Men and women who didn’t choose to loose control of their bladder, but who give their time to support our development of better products to help customers just like them across the nation. We’ve heard private details about embarrassing airport security checks and devastating accidents during the night, but all in the hopes that we can continue to bring to the market the best products to help adults effectively manage their incontinence. It’s the transparency and honesty of our customers that drive our innovation and push us to say, “What now?”

We’re also thankful for our friends and family. GaryWear is a family-owned business that manufactures its products in the U.S.A. We take great pride in supporting our community. We take great pride in working as a family. It’s this unique perspective and organizational nimbleness that encourages and allows us to listen to our users and perfect our incontinence pants for men and women.

You tell us, for what are you thankful this holiday season?

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