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Getting the right fit for incontinence pants in extra large.

How do you know if you need to buy your incontinence pants extra large, or any other size for that matter?

Sizing incontinence pants can be a challenge at first, but once you take the time to get the measurements right, you will realize how worthwhile the upfront effort was!

Our incontinence pants are available in extra large sizes and have room for an absorbent product underneath.

Every package of our Active Briefs features instructions on how to get the right fit, along with a sizing chart. It makes all the difference for leak protection, not to mention comfort.

The most important measurement for incontinence pants, whether you purchase extra large or extra small, is the thigh.  To get the right fit, measure while standing.  You must measure around the fullest part of the top thigh.  Be sure to keep the measuring tape straight and parallel to the floor.  Then take your waist measurement, around your natural waistline, (that’s the smallest part of your waist).  Next, get your hip measurement by standing, (feet together) and measuring around the fullest part while again keeping the measuring tape straight and parallel to the floor.

Take those three numbers (thigh, waist, and hips) and look at the size chart on our Active Brief package.  Our incontinence pants are extra large to extra small – we have a range of eleven sizes available, from 5XL to 3XS.  We have already taken into account that there’s an absorbent product underneath the Active Brief, thus you can just select your size.

If you are between sizes, you will want to choose the smaller size to assure the best leak control.

Whether you need to buy incontinence pants extra large or extra small, get the right fit for the security you can depend on.

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