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Need incontinence pants, men?

GaryWear Active Briefs allow men to stay dryer longer.

We’ve told you about the pull up ease of our new line of Active Briefs   Let’s talk about solutions for an ordinary, yet not often discussed issue: dealing with male incontinence.  It’s a problem that we are working on – providing coping solutions so men can get on with their day.

Our Active Briefs are incontinence pants men can feel comfortable and secure in, whether in a lengthy board meeting or out all day on the golf course. Designed to be worn over absorbent products for an extra layer of protection, these pull up briefs offer comfort and security for you, or for any of the men in your life that may be dealing with bladder control difficulties.  These are leak-resistant incontinence pants men can rely on.

Our Active Briefs are washable and quick-dry.  The PUL fabric is waterproof, and yet breathable.  And it doesn’t make embarrassing crinkly noises like some plastic pants.   These are quiet and discreet incontinence pants for men that provide peace of mind… just in case.

We here at Gary Wear can’t improve your golf game, but by providing incontinence pants men can count on, we CAN improve your confidence level that your pants will remain dry on a long day out on the course, and keep you in the swing.

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