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Get GaryWear Active Briefs Through Online Retailers

Get GaryWear Active Briefs online

Get GaryWear Active Briefs online

Get GaryWear Active Briefs Through Online Retailers

For more than 20 years, we’ve have designed and manufactured high-quality incontinence wear and related incontinence products for customers around the world. In this time, we’ve relied on our distributor partners to sell our products and connect our customers to high-quality incontinence solutions.

Why do we mention this to you? Our customers sometimes ask us why we don’t sell direct. We’re a family-owned business with a long history of innovation, and we manufacture our products in our facility based in San Diego. We value our relationships in this industry, and a large part of our success has come from our knowledgeable distributor partners across the U.S.

Our distributors offer one-stop centers for all of your incontinence needs. They carry our pull up incontinence pants and many also sell our washable diapers as well. But in addition to GaryWear Active Brief, these retailers also offer a variety of other products to help you manage incontinence.

For example, check out our friends at They built their entire business on the concept that obtaining quality and reusable products to help manage incontinence should be easy and hassle free. They have committed themselves to selling economic and durable products with a nod to environmentally sustainable multiple-use products. They instantly liked our Active Brief pull up incontinence pant because it fits into their business model. is a great example of a partner distributor that provides easy access and one-stop shopping experiences to make buying incontinence solutions easy for our customers.

We also know that many of our distributors landed into this business because they also have bladder-control challenges. This means they know firsthand the struggles that our costumers face and also the solutions that can help. We believe they know and understand the difference in our quality waterproof incontinence pants from the other, cheaper brands that don’t demand the best results from their products.  We know this because we ask our retailers for feedback.

Many of our distributors also have practical advice on the types and combination of products that can help their customers effectively manage incontinence. We think this is a valuable part of the purchasing decision. They have time-tested knowledge, which is priceless.

Thinking about buying your next pair of pull up incontinence pants? Go right ahead—find your favorite local retailer on GaryWear’s website.

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