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Lessons from a Cat: Maintain Your Independence When You Are Incontinent

Lessons from a Cat: Maintain Your Independence When You Are Incontinent

Lessons from a Cat: Maintain Your Independence When You Are Incontinent

We’re going to talk about a cat.

Not just any cat, but the feline that inspired David Dosa’s book “Making Rounds with Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat.

Oscar lives in a hospice home keeping company those who are near the end of their lives and the family that they leave behind. He has an unfailing ability to know who will be the next patient to pass, and he spends his time in that patient’s room keeping them company until that day arrives. Dr. Dosa, the doctor who runs the hospice and wrote the book, wanted to understand how Oscar impacted surviving family members, so he visits with them to learn what they thought of Oscar’s presence.

The book is eye opening. Its unfettered stories show how family members deal with their aging parents losing memory, losing control of their bodily functions and losing their independence. Young families who have aging baby boomer parents must read this book.

At GaryWear, we don’t have a cat like Oscar, but we hear stories about aging seniors and their caring family members. Many of the customers we help aren’t thinking about hospice yet, but seek solutions to help them maintain their active lives. But, just like the book shares, possibly the hardest part of learning to live with incontinence is acknowledging your loss of independence. And for the caring family members, it’s watching your loved one grow old. That’s one of the biggest revelations that Dr. Dosa exposes—families hold onto the image of their loved one at the peak of his/her health, often refusing to accept the frail reality of aging.

Because so many of our customers experience incontinence while living active lives, we’re happy to offer a washable incontinence pant that gives an extra layer of protection.  Our ActiveBrief has a slim fit with numerous benefits, and we believe that this leak-proof cover for disposable diapers gives its wearer confidence to attack the day. It becomes clear in this book that maintaining one’s independence is one of the most important aspects of life, and we think our incontinence pants help our customers do just that.

Certainly, very little in this world can help us prepare for the tough reality of watching our loved ones grow old. Though, we recommend reading “Making Rounds with Oscar” to gain a deeper understanding of those relationships and to learn a bit about the companionship of a cat, even if his name isn’t Oscar.

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