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Overactive Bladder Impacts 20 Million Women in the U.S.

Overactive Bladder Impacts 20 Million Women in the U.S.

Overactive Bladder Impacts 20 Million Women in the U.S.

Overactive Bladder Impacts 20 Million Women in the U.S.

Are you one of them? If so, according to the PFD Alliance, there’s an 80 percent chance that you will never seek treatment.  In its article on overactive bladder in women,  the PFD Alliance says that most women will try to manage their condition on their own through coping strategies such as wearing pantiliners and dark clothing, toilet mapping and avoiding social activities.

The organization says that the long-term impacts of these individual coping strategies may lead to a decline in quality of life, lost productivity and increased psychological distress.

Overactive bladder is often described as an uncontrollable urge to go to the bathroom with additional symptoms such as an involuntary loss of urine, a frequent need to urinate (as much as 8 times or more a day) and waking during the night to urinate. If this sounds like you, treatment may help. The news article recommends working with an urogynecologist and having a more knowledgeable conversation with your doctor.

At GaryWear, we meet all types of people dealing with varying levels of bladder control, or lack of control. Our customers range from those experiencing uncontrollable bladder releases for the first time to those who have dealt with it for a lifetime. We also meet young adults seeking solutions for their senior parents.

Everyday we see the quality of life impacts and psychological distress that incontinence causes men and women. That’s why we are determined to offer solutions to help our customers gain independence from incontinence. We created the GaryWear Active Brief, an incontinence pant to give customers more confidence in their absorbent product so they can continue living an active life.

If you are one of those 20 million women in the U.S. suffering from overactive bladder, please read up on the issue and seek the appropriate medical care.  As the PFD Alliance says, get the help you need to “Break Free Today.” Should your condition continue to decline or should you need a little extra protection for long holiday trips or throughout the night, contact us. We’re here to keep you active.

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