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GaryWear Active Brief Deconstructed: PUL Fabric

PUL Fabric

PUL fabric has revolutionized our incontinence pant.

It’s likely the number one question we get from our customers seeking leak-proof diaper covers for adults—how can your incontinence pant be both waterproof and breathable?

That’s a good question.

Many adults turn to plastics for their incontinence pants, but they can be very warm in Summer. We knew in order to deliver the best washable incontinence pant on the market, our fabric had to breathe.

Why stop there? We wanted a durable, breathable, washable, waterproof and comfortable fabric. Yes, all of those in one cloth.

Given our parent company’s long history in fabrics and manufacturing, we knew we could find it. We researched many options before we fell in love with the perfect material for our incontinence pant for men and women–PUL.

PUL stands for polyurethane laminate. This means the fabric mill laminates cloth fabric to a thin film of polyurethane. Our incontinence pant uses a lightweight polyester interlock knit fabric (which makes them soft) to a one-millimeter thick film of the polyurethane (which provides protection from leaks and allows the product to breathe). As an added bonus, the manufacturer’s process to create our PUL fabric passes lead- and phthalate-free requirements.

That’s a lot of technical mumbo jumbo. The easiest way to understand how PUL fabric has revolutionized our incontinence pant is by examining other products made with this innovative fabric. While it’s commonly used in reusable baby diapers, it’s also keeping athletes and outdoors people dry through high-tech outer clothing and it’s keeping water inside your shower through designer shower curtains.

Are you still wondering if this product is too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it; read David’s story. He wears GaryWear’s Active Brief to his manufacturing job at a facility that can breach 100 degrees. Our breathable incontinence pant gives him comfort and security to last his 10 – 12 hour workday without a diaper change.

PUL technically stands for polyurethane laminated. At GaryWear and for customers like David, PUL stands for Products U Love.

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