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Vendor Spotlight on is a great source for incontinence wear and more!

Not too long ago, we shared with you why we sell GaryWear Active Briefs through our trusted online retailers.  In that post, we specifically mentioned, a distributor of our reusable incontinence pants, who provides easy, one-stop shopping experiences for customers seeking incontinence solutions.

That got us thinking—why not share the stories of all of our distributor partners? Through the years, we’ve relied on them to help people suffering with incontinence find answers. In that time, we’ve gotten to know them, their stories and how they conduct business. We think the world of them, so let us share their world with you. In our first retailer spotlight, we’ll take a closer look at

Excuse us if we get a little cheesy for a moment, but as a family-owned and operated business, we tear up a bit reading’s About Us, where they proudly proclaim themselves as a family-owned and operated business. “That spirit is reflected in our customer service,” they say. As you know, we couldn’t agree more.

One thing that we’ve always respected about this particular online retailer is their holistic approach to managing incontinence. They got their start in infant diapering products because the family had concerns about the environment and their babies’ health. We suppose it should not come as a surprise that their solid customer service and quality products eventually led to adults asking for products that they could use. This culminated with the 2001 launch of their website dealing specifically with adult incontinence pants and solutions.

It comes as no surprise to us, but currently, our Active Brief reusable incontinence pant for men and women reigns as one of their top-rated products. Posted next to it is the other top-rated item, the LeakMaster All-in-One Adult Cloth Diaper.

In addition to a plethora of reusable adult diapers and our washable incontinence pant, they sell a variety of products including an adult swim diaper, mattress covers, and even bamboo spa robes.

Bamboo spa robe, you ask? If you’re curious about this last item, please read this blog post about New Year’s Resolutions and Taking Life by the Horns, get the spa robe and then treat yourself to a massage.) It’s the little things like this that make us value’s thoughtful approach to incontinence solutions.

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