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What is the proper care for my Active Brief?

Easy care washable incontinence wear.

Easy care washable incontinence wear.



What is the proper care for my GaryWear Active Brief?


We’re so glad you asked.


We think it’s that amazing new PUL fabric that makes many people question how to care for their GaryWear washable incontinence pant. When dealing with a high-tech material like this, it’s not so obvious how to keep them clean and highly functional.


You can read all of the proper fit and care tips on our FAQ page, but let’s examine a few key points.

1. Wash your GaryWear Active Brief after each use
Don’t soak them or use bleach, but feel free to wash in hot or cold water. Do not use pure soap.
2. Hang dry your GaryWear Active Brief
You can also tumble dry on very low settings, but do not use high heat or fabric.
3. Store your GaryWear Active Brief as you would your regular underwear
If you can’t wash your soiled underwear immediately, rinse them out and hang them to dry. Just know that mold may grow on your washable incontinence pant if it sits too long between washings.
4. Do not use rash ointments or creams with your GaryWear Active Brief
Rash ointments and creams cause our washable incontinence pant to malfunction. If you do get rash ointment on your ActiveBrief, give them a normal washing and then apply dishwashing liquid, like Dawn, to the affected areas. Then lightly scrub that area with a toothbrush.

It’s true that after a long while (or if you don’t follow proper care instructions) that your GaryWear Active Brief may lose some reliability. This eventually happens with all PUL fabrics, regardless if it’s our washable incontinence pant or water repelling outdoor gear.

We think it’s important to recognize this so that you don’t get caught with an outdated Active Brief that doesn’t provide the ultimate security. We recommend ordering several pairs now so you always have at least one backup clean pair. But, don’t worry, when the times comes to order a new set, we have several contemporary colors so that you can select your next favorite pair.

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