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GaryWear Testimonial: A Historical Look at Protective Incontinence Pants

Protective incontinence pant testimonial.

Our Active Brief is a protective incontinence pant.


A few weeks ago, we received a nice note from James (a fictional name, though his testimonial is real) sharing that he wished GaryWear’s protective incontinence pants existed 40 years ago. He mentioned that our washable incontinence pants are a marked improvement over previous protective incontinence pants that he has worn, and he wears them religiously today to minimize the issues associated with incontinence.

Previously, we’ve explored how online incontinence information has raised awareness and provides easy, private access to helpful information for those who are challenged with incontinence. But James’ note made us wonder, how much have products changed since he first received his diagnosis in the 70s?

So we asked.

Currently 72 years of age, James spent most of his career in residential construction. He retired at 70. After his diagnosis in the early 70s, James said he struggled with isolation and embarrassment. But, he had a wakeup moment when his washable diaper service manager informed him that 20 percent of her customers were adults. Incontinence in adults, he learned, was not uncommon.

James said that his first washable diaper service, though out of business now, supplied the diapers plus necessary pins, waterproof pants and diaper bags to carry extra supplies. Today, he still relies on cloth diapers as the best solution, and depends on GaryWear’s Active Brief for a comfortable, reliable protective incontinence pant over his cloth diapers.

He acknowledges that cloth diapers won’t work for everyone and says that today’s excellent disposable diapers are a far cry better than those of yesteryear. After decades of trying incontinence products in different combinations, James suggests buying good quality diapers because the cheap ones won’t withstand an active lifestyle, especially for those people with heavy bladder releases.

Most importantly, he says, change your diaper every 3 – 5 hours to prevent skin damage and maximize your overall comfort.

James’ final tip is to remember that even with today’s most excellent products, sudden and complete bladder releases can lead to leaks. He suggests using GaryWear Active Briefs to prevent wet slacks and beds.

“I wear them all the time,” he says.

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