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Want to Learn About Men’s Incontinence Pants? Try Continence Central.

Mens incontinence pants

Want to Learn About Men’s Incontinence Pants? Try Continence Central.

Imagine a time before Google when you first realize that you suffer from loss of bladder control. Let’s say you’re a 40-year-old man, and you need men’s incontinence pants. What do you do?

Before Google, you’d visit your doctor, get some brochures and maybe attend support groups. But for the most part, you’d be left on Alone Island testing, learning and possibly suffering through a variety of men’s incontinence pants until you found the right solution.

Perhaps you don’t have to imagine this at all. Perhaps this was you.

We think two of the best benefits of today’s Internet are privacy and access to information.

In today’s world, that same 40-year-old man can still visit his doctor and find support groups, but now he also has access to product reviews on men’s incontinence pants, tips on managing your lifestyle, access to research, and places to have real conversations with real people but with a bit of anonymity.

Just recently, we learned about Simon Foundation for Continence’s launch of Continence Central, a website that showcases a variety of incontinence products, suggestions on how to choose products, where you can buy them and details about insurance and reimbursement programs for incontinence products. Visit it here:

Now think about our 40-year-old man seeking men’s incontinence pants to help him deal with a new diagnosis. There it is—one website with all the information he needs to find the right products to help him live his life.

At GaryWear, we appreciate the work of Simon Foundation for Continence. This nonprofit organization aims to bring the topic of incontinence into the open, which will help the nearly 33 million people suffering from this condition find the support and solutions they need.

We’re happy that our Active Brief, a washable, pull on incontinence pant for men and women, is a product included on the new Continence Central website. We’re also happy to recommend this site to our fictitious 40-year-old man and all of GaryWear’s customers.



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