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What do I Wear Under Incontinence Pants: Disposable or Washable Diapers?

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Let’s explore the proper absorbent product to wear with GaryWear’s Active Brief, a washable, leak-resistant pant that gives confidence to adults diagnosed with incontinence.

When wearing GaryWear’s incontinence pants, disposable and washable diapers and pads can both greatly benefit from our leak-resistant pant made with breathable material. We look at the successful management of bladder and bowel releases in these three easy-to-remember steps when selecting proper absorbent products:


Ensure you use high-quality absorbent products as the first step, regardless if that means a disposable diaper, reusable cloth diaper or a heavy pad. For our active customers, especially those with full bladder and bowel releases, quality means that the absorbent product with keep with your active lifestyle and withstand heavy use.

Read James’ testimony to learn more about this.  He received his incontinence diagnosis in the 70s, and only recently retired, but has successfully managed his incontinence through the decades.


Whenever possible, change your absorbent product as soon as you have a release. We know that our active customers can’t always immediately change their absorbent product following a bladder release. We’ve heard from frequent travelers, who must outlast long flights,  and factory workers, who go full days without a diaper change.  That’s the beauty of GaryWear’s Active Brief, it gives customers the extra security to live their active lives leak-free. But to ensure the best results, we recommend frequent changes of the absorbent products that your wear under you incontinence pants. Disposable diapers, cloth diapers and pads can all have a place in the successful management of adult incontinence when paired with Active Brief and changed regularly.


Select the proper absorbent product to help you manage incontinence during specific activities or times of day. What you wear during the day at the office, overnight when at home and during travel may all be different. And that’s ok.

The good news about GaryWear’s Active Brief is that its slim-fit design  will help hold in place your absorbent product. It also gives an extra layer of protection to prevent embarrassing leaks. But to maximize its effectiveness, we suggest that you pair it with the proper absorbent products to match your activity and length of use. 

In addition to selecting the right absorbent product, please also read about finding the right fit and proper care for your Active Briefs.

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