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XP Medical’s Numerical Review of the Best Adult Disposable Diapers

Best Adult Diapers

The best adult disposable diaper is reviewed extensively by XP Medical

Are you a numbers person? If so, you might like XP Medical’s numerical evaluation of the best adult disposable diapers.

Owned and operated by an engineer, XP Medical took a very thorough and standardized approach to comparing and testing disposable diapers and their ability to retain bladder releases.

This one-page breakdown of the test results looks at everything from size and thickness to effectiveness in absorbing and wicking liquids. The testers explain their processes in detail on this page, but our takeaway is that they considered three areas:

1. Dry Measurements – These take into account the measurements of the diaper and thickness of the pad.
2. Initial Capacity Testing – This looked at how much liquid it successfully took in and how well the liquid spread throughout the absorbent pad.
3. Rewet Testing – This looks at how well an already wet disposable diaper reabsorbs it’s moisture due to movement. (It’s an important factor in keeping skin dry because you might not always be able to change to a dry diaper right away.)

We like to offer our customers additional resources to learn about incontinence products that they can use to manage their bladder and bowel releases because it’s important to have effective products to use with our waterproof incontinence pants. We share customer testimonials about success stories and we highlight online incontinence resources that collect product information. However, we recognize that word-of-mouth or anecdotal reviews may not work for all folks trying to find effective solutions for incontinence. That’s why we liked this numerical, one-stop-shop look at different aspects of disposable diapers.

As we’ve said before, finding the proper fit and the right absorbent product is essential to ensuring that our waterproof incontinence pant provides the ultimate security in preventing leaks.

Take a look at XP Medical’s numerical breakdown. What do you think of his review of the best adult disposable diapers?

P.S. XP Medical doesn’t currently carry our GaryWear Active Brief, but we think it would be a nice complement to their products. If you think so too, please let him know.  😉




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