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7 tips to help you manage your incontinence at work

Garywear Incontinence Pants

Wearing dark clothes and a pair of our incontinence pants give you additional security

We’ve shared some inspiring customer testimonials from folks who have managed their incontinence at challenging workplace settings. Outlasting 12-hour days in more than 100-degree temperature certainly tops that list. GaryWear’s washable incontinence pants play an important role in helping active adults survive their work days, especially when complemented with one or more of these tips to managing incontinence at the office.

We thank WebMD for compiling the complete list of tips, which you can find here:

1. Wear dark Clothes –GaryWear’s Active Brief is an incontinence pant for men and women that provides an extra layer of protection against embarrassing leaks. But, occasionally leaks still happen. Your dark clothes can more easily hide a leak until you can make a clothing change or tie a sweater around your waist.
2. Pack extra clothes – In the event that you experience a leak, be prepared with an extra pair of pants. If you’re always at the same office, stash your extra pair of pants inside in your desk drawer or filing cabinet and leave them there for that emergency situation. Others may want to carry a backpack with a change of clean, dry pants.
3. Carry a waterproof bag – Gary Manufacturing makes a small travel bag to discreetly hide your spare pad or diaper and incontinence pants for men and women. But what about if you leak through your pants? Keep a small waterproof bag at your workplace to help you pack away soiled clothing.
4. Skip the coffee – Though a jolt of caffeine keeps you awake, it can also irritate your bladder, which intensifies nature’s call.
5. Ditch the water cooler – Rather than over hydrate, try to moderate your intake of water by slowly sipping on water throughout the day. Let your thirst be your guide.
6. Schedule bathroom breaks – Schedule bathroom breaks every hour or two, regardless if you feel the urge. It may take some flexibility to learn the schedule that works for you and your workplace setting.
7. Purchase high quality pads and diapers – The quality of your absorbent material and your incontinence pants for men or women makes the difference in preventing leaks. Try different absorbent products to find the one that works best for your incontinence, and then ensure that extra layer of protection by using GaryWear’s Active Brief.

Check out WebMD for more tips to managing your incontinence at work. What other tips would you add to the list?


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