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GaryWear: Spring Forward to Incontinence Security

Waterproof Incontinence Pants

Spring brings beautiful colors and so should your selection of waterproof incontinence pants.

It’s daylight savings time, which means spring nibbles at the cold offering us a chance at longer days and warmer weather. For many, this ushers in an active season filled with travel, gardening, family, culinary adventures and more. For our customers, active adults who have some form of incontinence, spring should bring the same happiness.

In honor of daylight savings, we offer these tips to help folks with incontinence spring forward to incontinence security (or, as we like to say, spring forward to an active, fun life):

1. Evaluate Your Waterproof Incontinence Pant –It’s time to examine each pair of your waterproof incontinence pants to make sure they still sport strong structural integrity. While it’s ok if your favorite pair of jeans shows some wear and tear, your washable incontinence pant should not.
2. Diversify Your Incontinence Pant Selection– Spring brings beautiful colors and so should your selection of washable incontinence pants. Don’t settle for clinical white, when you could have blush, latte, black, grey and navy, too.
3. Stretch that Elastic –GaryWear Active Brief protects you from embarrassing leaks because each pair has strong, thick elastic around your leg. When you don’t have the proper fit or when this elastic weakens over time, you may not get the best seal to hold liquid and solids. Check your elastic bands to make sure they still effectively do their job.
4. Treat Yourself – We believe in spending a few extra bucks to spoil ourselves. This spring, buy an extra pair of GaryWear Active Briefs so that you always have an extra pair for emergencies. Or buy one of Gary Manufacturing’s discreet travel bags to help you keep covered on the go

What will you do to spring forward to incontinence security?

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