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Harvard Researchers Discover Mechanism Behind the Urge to Urinate

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Could we be on the verge of solving incontinence?

A complete medical solution to incontinence maybe decades away, but a recent discovery by Harvard Researchers has shed some light on bladder functionality. Their study revealed the exact mechanism that tells us when our bladder is full.

“The researchers are hopeful that this discovery will lead to finding targets that relieve pain and the constant urge to use the bathroom in people suffering from an overactive bladder,” reads the article in Counsel & Heal.

As our customers know, overactive bladder happens when an individual has bladder contractions and feels an urgent need to empty his bladder. Currently, one solution to prevent embarrassing accidents is to use GaryWear’s incontinence pants over disposable diapers or pads. But with this news, perhaps a permanent solution that addresses the physical issue is around the corner.

Researchers say their study conducted experiments on a group of mice that they genetically altered to lack integrins, a class of proteins responsible for signaling the brain that the bladder needs to be emptied. Researchers say that these proteins send the signals when a thin layer of cells lining the surface of the bladder stretches with the increase of the size of the bladder.

The study revealed that the genetically modified mice had little or no bladder control when compared to the unaltered mice. The researchers say the chances are high of finding a drug that targets these proteins and helps those with incontinence regain control of their bladder.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Until then, GaryWear reminds adults who struggle with bladder and bowel control to take back their lives by using Active Brief incontinence pants with a disposable diaper. The extra security provided by our leak-proof and washable incontinence pants will help you minimize leaks throughout your active days and long nights.


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