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Fabric diaper covers for adults – success!


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We love success stories!

We always encourage people to send them to us because we think we make a quality fabric diaper cover, so when we receive words of praise, it reinforces the reasons we do what we do.

If you are not aware, or coming to this site for the first time, here’s what we do: we manufacture fabric diaper covers for adults with incontinence. We have been making the product line for more than 30 years, but two years ago we decided to develop a more slim-fitting diaper cover for adults. Our original incontinence wear line is made for adults who use washable cloth diapers (reusable ones), thus the original diaper covers are bulky to accommodate all the absorbent cotton cloth diaper. However, our new slimmer fitting fabric diaper cover is meant to be worn over disposable adult diapers. When you wear a diaper cover over your adult disposable diaper, you are providing more protection from leaks, and better peace of mind.

We received the following praise last week regarding our GaryWear Active Brief adult diaper cover from a gentleman that was part of our original testing group for our fabric slim-fitting diaper covers:

Dear Gary Manufacturing,
I thought I would just check in with you and give you and update.
To this day I am still using the test product that I was given to test.
I put it in the washer and dryer and it is still holding up like it was brand new.
A couple of months ago, I did buy a black pair from Northshore Care where I get most of my adult diapers and even been able to direct others to them to purchase.
One of the guys on the support group that I am part of bought a pair and he too was highly impressed.
So for long term research and development, your product is still going strong and is still a huge blessing.
– K.T. August 2013


That was all he wrote, but we think it speaks volumes about how great our diaper cover is, and what a quality product we manufacture. For a list of distributors who sell our GaryWear Active Brief diaper covers, please buy them from this list.

In conversations with this user, he reminded us that typically disposable diapers do not have any absorbency on the sides where they cover a user’s hips. If you sleep on your side, the moisture has nowhere to go, which can can lead to leaks at night, and thus impact your sleep because you wake up when your sheets start to absorb the excess from a wet disposable diaper. (We always recommend cloth diapers for use at night, but that is for another blog post.)

By wearing our fabric diaper cover over your disposable diaper, you give yourself peace of mind, better sleep, and success happens for both you and us.

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